10:59 is fast approaching

Praise for ’10:59’…

“What a read! This is one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring books that I have ever read.”

“I read a LOT of literature and I can honestly say this is among the best.  The story is brilliant! It is so well thought out. A pleasure to read – everything flowed.”

“This book has changed the way I look at the world.”

“A novel of great relevance. The book is equally hard-hitting and humorous, interesting and poignant.”

“This has to be the best book I have read all year! I absolutely love how the writer is able to put facts into a fiction book, it makes it such an eye-opening read.”

“An amazing book that tackles really strong environmental issues in an amazing way.”

“Full of gems: wonderful turns of phrase, things that made me laugh, words of wisdom… A brilliant book.”

“I really enjoyed it. Perfectly written for a teen audience. This book should be on the school curriculum.”

“Awesome and very thought-provoking.”

“A gripping read and a very timely and thought-provoking one at that! Overpopulation is an interesting issue and I do love reading about political thought experiments in a fictional setting.”

“This book had me second-guessing everything. It’s the most thought-provoking thriller I’ve read for a long time.”

“A powerful book which should be read by everyone to make us all realise we should look after our planet now for future generations.”

Posted by N R Baker