Below are links to some of my published short stories, flash fiction and poetry.
Click on a title… and enjoy!


A story about starting over (2-minute read)

“I curl myself, foetal, around those tiny warm embers and wonder whether they can be coaxed into something like flame”

Published by Idle Ink – May 2020


A story about growing up (5-minute read)

“The long-awaited moment when she finally takes flight will be something of an anti-climax. On an achingly blue day she will simply lift her feet.”

Published by Vamp Cat Magazine – March 2020


A nasty story about nightmares (25-minute read)

“Although it was summer his arms were suddenly cold, crawling with goose bumps. He pulled the lightweight duvet up to his chin and wrapped his chilled limbs around himself, perversely enjoying the sensation of the corpse embrace against his warm torso.”

Published by Dusk & Shiver – August 2019


A story about wanderlust (3-minute read)

“I’d had enough of safe. I was bored to the point of screaming by safe.”

Published by Vamp Cat Magazine – July 2019

Mantle and Night Rain

Two poems: one about my Dad and one about rain (2-minute read)

“curls of wood licking from the jaws of a plane”

Published by Chantarelle’s Notebook – July 2019

The Man in the Mirror

A story about learning to love yourself (3-minute read)

“He has always been there, as inescapable as the shadow pinned to her heels, effortlessly keeping pace with her no matter how fast or far she runs.”

Published by Marias at Sampaguitas – May 2019

Walking in Circles

A story about fatherhood (20-minute read)

“The baby walker was still up in the loft somewhere. It bore no resemblance whatsoever to the modern walkers, monstrous plastic structures designed by sadists to dent ankles, devalue furniture, terrorise pets and erode sanity, all to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Published by Fairlight Books – April 2019

Under Covers

A story about people-watching (10-minute read)

“The not-so-dumb blonde wiggled off the train at the next stop and the eyes of at least half the male passengers followed her until the doors hissed their disapproval and slid shut.”

Published by Fairlight Books – April 2019

Cold Turkey

A story about a turkey (1-minute read)

“The snow reflects moon-silver, softening the Norfolk landscape, and the wind carries scraps of carols on its wings.”

Published by Fairlight Books – December 2018