My novel, '10:59', will be out on 7th August. See what people are saying about it.

Praise for ’10:59’…

“What a read! This is one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring books that I have ever read.”

“I read a LOT of literature and I can honestly say this is among the best.  The story is brilliant! It is so well thought out. A pleasure to read – everything flowed.”

“This book has changed the way I look at the world.”

“A novel of great relevance. The book is equally hard-hitting and humorous, interesting and poignant.”

“This has to be the best book I have read all year! I absolutely love how the writer is able to put facts into a fiction book, it makes it such an eye-opening read.”

“An amazing book that tackles really strong environmental issues in an amazing way.”

“Full of gems: wonderful turns of phrase, things that made me laugh, words of wisdom… A brilliant book.”

“I really enjoyed it. Perfectly written for a teen audience. This book should be on the school curriculum.”

“Awesome and very thought-provoking.”

“A gripping read and a very timely and thought-provoking one at that! Overpopulation is an interesting issue and I do love reading about political thought experiments in a fictional setting.”

“This book had me second-guessing everything. It’s the most thought-provoking thriller I’ve read for a long time.”

“A powerful book which should be read by everyone to make us all realise we should look after our planet now for future generations.”


Tara Norman

Amazing writing and I’m hooked already. I want more…..

Thanks for saying so! I get a big derpy smile on my face knowing that people are enjoying the book!

Tara ‘Cobnuts’ Norman

Niki Baker’s first book is the most extraordinarily prescient ‘10.59’.
Exploring the most current of current topics, through fully rounded characters including the amazing Louis and with a storyline that grabs you and holds your attention with it’s details of the macabre as well as glimpses of joy.
The story is easily the most enjoyable I have read in a long, long time.
It’s straight forward and dare I say, simple to read, in a non arty farty way that is fun for any age group, including young adults, which considering it’s main topic is of great importance, as they are the ones who are going to have to makes the tough decisions of the future.
I’m delighted to have read it, delighted Niki wrote it and look forward to many more on tough topics enwrapped within a great tale.

Thank you so much! Love your comments. Adore your user name. 😉

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